Top Best Destinations for Food Lovers in Europe


1. Brussels, 2. Toulouse, 3. Copenhagen, 4. London, 5. Paris, 6. Barcelona, 7. Malaga, 8. Porto, 9. Napoli, 10. Rome, 11. Amsterdam, 12. Istanbul. The saying "a path to a man's heart is through his stomach" is true for all travelers, not just men. One of the things that draws tourists to a place is also its unique food offerings because they round out the experience. There have also been tourists who go on a "gastronomical holiday," visiting a place just for the cuisine and regional delicacies. For foodies, culinary vacations are a must-do activity, and they're also a fantastic way to discover new cultures. Furthermore, it is not unexpected that Europe is home to some of the world's top culinary destinations. The top gastronomic places in Europe are listed below.

  1. Brussels
  2. Toulouse
  3. Copenhagen
  4. London
  5. Paris
  6. Barcelona
  7. Malaga
  8. Porto
  9. Napoli
  10. Rome
  11. Amsterdam
  12. Istanbul


The best European city to satiate your enthusiasm for food if you’re a foodie is Brussels, so head there right away. The capital city of Belgium is home to some of the finest dining establishments on the continent. Brussels is the ideal starting point for experiencing the rest of Europe’s culinary scene because of its accessible location in the middle of the continent.

Of course, Belgian chocolate is the city of Brussels’ most well-known cuisine. On every corner of the street are chocolatiers. A chocolate truffle is a delightful treat that you should try if you want to try something a little different. These bite-sized chocolate balls are flavored with flavors like coffee, citrus, or chili.

Visit one of the many frites kiosks scattered across the city for some street food. The Belgian equivalent of French fries are called frites, and there are many different sauces to choose from when eating them. The most often used condiment is mayonnaise, although others include ketchup, curry, and even peanut sauce.

Last but not least, a trip to Brussels wouldn’t be complete without attempting a Belgian waffle. The finest way to consume these fluffy delicacies is with a dollop of whipped cream, some strawberries, and some chocolate syrup. Belgian waffles are available in both sweet and savory varieties.

Country: Belgium top best destinations for food lovers in europe

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Toulouse, the fourth-largest city in France, is the ideal location to learn about French cuisine and culture. Toulouse is one of the top gourmet cities in Europe, and as a result, there are numerous regional cuisines to taste, including options for gluten-free eating.

Cassoulet is among the most well-known foods. White beans and other meats are combined to create this hearty, flavorful stew. Expect to taste meats like hog, sausage, or duck in the various recipes. Although it is best savored in the colder months, Chez Emile in the historic district serves cassoulet all year long.

A specific coil-shaped sausage called Saucisse de Toulouse (Toulouse sausage) can be found in Toulouse. It is frequently eaten as the main course of a dinner, either on its own or as part of cassoulet.

Try some duck, which is definitely not the least important step (canard). The region is renowned for its confit, foie gras, and magret (breast). The dish cassoulet also includes duck as an ingredient.

Country: France

top best destinations for food lovers in europe

top best destinations for food lovers in europe

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The most popular hot dog on the streets of Copenhagen is something you must try. The ubiquitous remoulade (similar to tartare sauce but with the addition of spices), sweet mustard, ketchup, and other toppings like crispy fried onions and cucumber pickles are all served with the hot dog in a bun from street food booths all around the city. Most of the city’s squares sell hot dogs, with Hjbro Plads or Kongens Nytorv being the closest to Maven.

The Smørrebrød, also known as a Danish open sandwich, is a popular delicacy you should sample while visiting Copenhagen. Although open sandwiches are common throughout Scandinavia, the Danes were the ones who fully embraced them, giving rise to the term “Danwich.”

The pickled herring is one of the best Smørrebrød. The local alcoholic beverage akavit, often called snaps, which is primarily flavored with caraway and/or dill seed, is traditionally served with meals. One of the many native beverages in Copenhagen is the snaps, which mask the taste of the herring while balancing the snaps’ burn.

Country: Denmark top best destinations for food lovers in europe top best destinations for food lovers in europe



London is without a doubt one of the top gourmet towns in Europe, despite the fact that it might not appear like it. The city offers a wide variety of gastronomic options, and due to its diversity, you may discover food from all over the world there.

However, there are a few British meals you must taste if you’re just in London for the day. A traditional British food, fish and chips are best enjoyed in London. For a hearty dinner, visit a typical pub or pick some up from a street seller to take with you. The Golden Chippy is among the top places to have fish and chips. While you’re there, be sure to sample the banana fritters.

English breakfast is another meal that you must try. Although it might not be the healthiest lunch, it is unquestionably delicious. Although you can find this meal all throughout London, Terry’s Cafe is one of the greatest venues to eat it. A great cup of tea is another essential. After all, tea originated in London. The tea is wonderful, and the experience is absolutely worthwhile.

Country: England

top best destinations for food lovers in europe


top best destinations for food lovers in europe

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There is no greater city than Paris if you love food. The French city is home to many cafes, bistros, and bakeries in addition to some of the top restaurants in the world. Naturally, visiting Paris wouldn’t be complete without indulging in some of its world-famous pastries. There are plenty of delectable treats to enjoy, from fluffy croissants to creamy eclairs.

Additionally, you must taste a fluffy crepe. In France, crepes are a highly common food that are often topped with a variety of savory and sweet ingredients.

The traditional baguette is another dish you must taste when in Paris. French cuisine frequently serves this long, thin bread as a sandwich or with cheese and fruit.

There are several of great steak places in Paris if you’re looking for something a little heartier. It’s absolutely worth treating yourself to at least one serving of the popular steak and fries, known as steak frites, while you’re traveling. Paris is the city for you if you’re looking for a European foodie destination with a fantastic culinary scene.

Country: France top best destinations for food lovers in europe

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top best destinations for food lovers in europe



Barcelona is one of the top places in Europe for foodies who want to sample some of Spain’s most creative delicacies as they travel the country eating their way across.

Barcelona, the capital of Catalonia, is home to a variety of culinary influences that, if you know where to seek, may produce some remarkable meals. In Barcelona, you can find some real pleasures by veering off the beaten road and away from some of the city’s well-traveled tourist routes.

A wonderful approach to sampling everything in a place is to sample the best tapas available. For some straightforward yet tasty tapas that are some of Barcelona’s most recognizable small meals, check out La Plata in the El Born district. There are just six items on this menu, including pan con tomate, anchovies, and crispy fried fish. Butifarra is a classic Spanish sausage.

Visit Tapeo, also in the El Born district, for traditional tapas with a little more of a contemporary spin. Here, you may sample well-known Barcelona chefs’ interpretations of traditional dishes like the “bomba” potato ball, grilled octopus, and seafood croquetas.

Country: Spain

top best destinations for food lovers in europe


top best destinations for food lovers in europe



Southern Spain’s Malaga is a fantastic destination for foodies, especially those who enjoy fish and seafood. You must sample the well-known “espetos de sardinas” when you are in Malaga, which are sardine skewers that are gently grilled on a little barbecue made in a little boat on the beach.

Ajoblanco, a soup with almonds and garlic, ensalada malaguea, a cool summer salad from Malaga with potatoes, oranges, and cod, and pescaito frito, a combination of fried fish and seafood, are some more delectable traditional foods.

EI Pimpi, a bar-restaurant near the Moorish stronghold palace, is one of the greatest locations to sample some of these meals. The cuisine is excellent, and the view of the palace is very lovely.

Not to mention, if you enjoy sweets, you’ll adore tortas locas. Two spherical pieces of puff pastry are used to create these so-called “crazy cakes,” which are then filled with custard and decorated with orange frosting and occasionally cherries.

top best destinations for food lovers in europe

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top best destinations for food lovers in europe

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For culinary lovers, Porto is the ideal location. This city, which is located in northern Portugal, is renowned for its distinctive fusion of Portuguese and Mediterranean food. Be sure to sample some of Porto’s delectable seafood delicacies while there. Here, you may choose from a variety of delectable fish and seafood dishes, such as grilled sardines and cod salad, or bacalhau.

Pasteis de natas, bifana, and prego are additional must-try foods in Porto. Francesinha, a sandwich made with sirloin, ham, and sausage, is another (sweet egg custard dessert). Don’t overlook the Portuguese hot dogs at Gazela’s, one of Porto’s most well-liked eateries.

Porto is also the hub for port wines, so when you are in this beautiful city, take a tour to try some of the local port wines, or even Verde Vinho wines.

One of the best ways to experience the food scene in Porto is by signing up for a food tour with a local guide who will take you to all the best spots. They will give you tips on which local winery to taste the best wines, too.

Country: Portugal

top best destinations for food lovers in europe

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top best destinations for food lovers in europe


While there are many wines to taste, pizzas to eat, and types of pasta to try in Italy, the center of it all, Napoli, is the best location for a foodie to visit. This European gourmet paradise is well-known for both its pizza and delectable pasta dishes, with ragu among its specialties.

The slow cooking method, which enables the tastes of the components to gently melt together, is the key to making the ideal ragu. The end product is a thick, delicious sauce that will impress even the pickiest diner. Tandem Ragu, a charming tiny eatery in a busy district, is my favorite place in the city to eat ragu.

If you enjoy pizza, chances are you’ve eaten a slice or two of Neapolitan pizza, which is frequently cooked with a thin, crunchy crust. Fresh basil, tomato sauce, and mozzarella cheese are the traditional Neapolitan pizza toppings. Despite the fact that this may appear like a straightforward combination, the high quality of the ingredients is what sets Neapolitan pizza apart.

For a taste of real paradise, visit L’Antica Pizzeria da Michele. With these well-known meals symbolizing Italy, if you want to give your palate a genuinely true Italian experience, spend a few weeks in the south of Italy and explore Napoli’s cuisine.

Country: Italy top best destinations for food lovers in europe

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top best destinations for food lovers in europe


Rome is unquestionably one of Europe’s top gastronomic towns. You may sample a different dish every day in the capital of Italy because of the incredible variety of cuisine available.

Although pizza is undoubtedly readily accessible in Rome, you should choose pasta instead. You should try dishes like gricia (a must at Trattoria Vecchia Roma), carbonara (best at Renato e Luisa), amatriciana (excellent at Armando al Pantheon), and spaghetti Cacio e Pepe (best if eaten at Felice A Testaccio).

Don’t worry if you don’t like pizza; there are plenty of other foods you can try. Veal cutlets cooked in butter and white wine with prosciutto, sage, and other delectable ingredients are called saltimbocca alla Romana. Suppli are large, fried cones made with risotto al pomodoro rice and cheese. Additionally, it’s some of Rome’s best street cuisine.

You may try the coda alla vaccinara for a dish that is really classic (oxtail cooked ina tomato sauce until very tender). In the summer, you can also have pollo ai peperoni (chicken with peppers).

Don’t forget the gelato, either. Who said you couldn’t enjoy gelato in the winter? Rome is home to numerous wonderful gelaterias.

Country: Italy

top best destinations for food lovers in europe top best destinations for food lovers in europe

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Food might not be the first thing that springs to mind when the average traveler thinks of Amsterdam. When making travel plans to Amsterdam, you could be enticed by the picturesque canals, charming buildings, and renowned museums. However, the seafood in Amsterdam is some of the best ever. You might still be bragging about how great and fresh the seafood was when you get home.

However, given that Amsterdam is one of the country’s five principal ports, you shouldn’t be shocked. Globally speaking, you can always anticipate some delectable marine fare anywhere there is a port.

At the Albert Cuyp Market, you can purchase some excellent goods from one of the numerous merchants for a very reasonable price. Or, if you prefer a relaxing sit-down setting, you may make a reservation (yes, you’ll need one; the restaurants are crowded every day of the week) and have some mouthwatering buttered prawns (or shrimp), or even some opulent lobster tails.

Country: Netherlands

top best destinations for food lovers in europe

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top best destinations for food lovers in europe



Turkish cuisine, which has one of the most extensive culinary histories in the world, mixes Asian and European flavors while eschewing French and Chinese customs. These are some traditional Turkish foods you should try when in Istanbul, one of the top gourmet towns in Europe.

Thinly sliced beef is served as iskender kebab (pronounce it “is-skin-dur”) atop a bed of pidesi, a typical flatbread. Tomato sauce is placed on top, and then melted brown butter is added. Yogurt is typically served on the side with the kebab.

Many people believe the traditional Turkish meal known as manti—pronounce it “man-tee”—to be the country’s national cuisine. Some people claim that this meal has a ravioli-like flavor. But Manti is quite different. The little dumplings are packed with either beef or lamb stuffing before being fried or boiled. Manti is a prized dish since the meat is seasoned simply and is served with a variety of sides. These varied tiny meals include yogurt, mint, crushed garlic, sumac, and fiery red pepper among others.

Another popular dish in Turkey is called a Börek, which is offered in both fine dining restaurants and street carts around the country. Many people eat the cheese variant of the Turkish Börek for breakfast here.

Country: Turkey top best destinations for food lovers in europe

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top best destinations for food lovers in europe

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