Top Best Foods and Drinks in London


1. English Breakfast, 2. Fish & Chips, 3. Pie and Mash, 4. Sunday roast, 5. Chicken Tikka Masala, 6. Afternoon Tea, 7. Bangers & Mash, 8. Pimm's, 9. Martini, 10. Toad in the hole. London is literally located in the center of the world with a food scene that reflects this position and makes it one of the world’s most exciting food cities. The city is filled with delicious restaurants, from classic pubs to innovative global cuisine. There are several traditional dishes worth trying on a trip to London, so here is a list of the best foods and drinks in London that Toplist offers you.

  1. English Breakfast
  2. Fish & Chips
  3. Pie and Mash
  4. Sunday roast
  5. Chicken Tikka Masala
  6. Afternoon Tea
  7. Bangers & Mash
  8. Pimm’s
  9. Martini
  10. Toad in the hole

English Breakfast

There’s no better place to get an English breakfast than London. One of the staples of British cuisine, the full breakfast started in the decadent dining rooms of Victorian Britain and was cemented in contemporary culture by 1950s workers looking for a filling meal to get them through the day.

The version you know today comes from Edwardian England and this traditional meal is rather substantial, with bacon, sausages, eggs, hash browns, baked beans, tomatoes, and mushrooms all laid out on a big plate. Sometimes you get a side of buttered toast too. While Britain’s history brought about many changes and different trends, the full English fry-up has remained a staple of British cuisine and identity – enjoyed among the gentry and the working classes alike.

Visitors to London can sample this British classic in many venues around the city, from upscale restaurants to retro greasy spoons. Wherever you find yourself in the city, these are some of the best English breakfasts in London for a stellar start to the day.

  • Where to try: Regency cafe, Belushi’s, Liz cafe
  • Price: ranges from £5 to £7.5

top best foods and drinks in london

top best foods and drinks in london

Fish & Chips

Fish and chips is one of the best foods and drinks in London, as evidenced by the fact that more than 250 million fish and chips meals is sold in the UK every year. This British favourite – battered snow-white fish paired with fluffy chips, liberally sprinkled with salt and doused in vinegar – has been well-loved since the 1800s and has long been heralded as a British culinary staple by tourists and locals alike.

The origins of this dish are contested – some credit a Lancastrian named John Lees who opened a fish & chips shop in 1863, while others argue that Joseph Malin, a Jewish immigrant living in East London, sold fish & chips even earlier in 1860. No matter which version you believe in, there is no denying that fish & chips are hugely popular, not just in London but also across the country.

Many Fish and Chips shops serve the traditional dish in informal settings, but for something a little more upscale, try the dish at The Ivy, one of London’s most famous restaurants. They offer fish and chips with a side plate of celebrity stardust as this is a popular restaurant for theatreland.

Kerbisher & Malt, a traditional Fish and hips shop with a sleek, modern design, offers a mix of the traditional and the fancy. Kerbisher & Malt serves fresh fish from sustainable sources, twice-cooked chips, handmade salads, homemade mushy peas and batters, as well as great beers and coffees in a welcoming café setting.

  • Where to try: Fish Lounge in Brixton, Kerbisher & Malt
  • Price: ranges from £15 to £18

top best foods and drinks in london

top best foods and drinks in london

Pie and Mash

Pies have been the staple diet of Londoners for centuries and the London ‘pie and mash’ shops offer a meal that is steeped in history and ingrained in the very fabric of London. Originating in the East End of London, pie and mash is the absolute cornerstone of working-class cuisine from the Industrial Revolution. Meat pies, fluffy mashed potato, liquor maybe even some jellied eels. Many pie and mash shops are still housed in their original buildings, providing Proustian moments to Londoners six days a week.

Early pies were actually filled with eels from the Thames, the eels would have been spiced and stewed in stock prior to being used as a pie filling. In the latter years, eels became too expensive and the pies were then filled with meat. In modern times the pies are now filled with 100% minced beef. Over the years many pie and mash shops have gradually widened their menus to offer other types of pies including vegetarian pies. Some also offer traditional items such as shellfish, pasties, and desserts like apple pie and crumbles.

When you eat in a traditional London pie and mash shop you are helping to keep alive a London tradition that goes back over 200 years. There are many famous people and celebrities that enjoy pie and mash but perhaps the highest profile is David Beckham who makes regular visits to his favourite pie shop.

  • Where to try: M. Manze Tower Bridge, F. Cooke
  • Price: ranges from £3 to £5

top best foods and drinks in london

top best foods and drinks in london

Sunday roast

The Sunday roast, also known as “Sunday lunch,” is one of Britain’s best and most celebrated food traditions; when done correctly, it can compete with the world’s most popular national dishes. If you’re hungry, the best Sunday Roast in London is usually the one nearest to your home. However, if you want to eat a truly spectacular Sunday Roast, there are a few restaurants and pubs in London that set the standard very high.

Everyone has their own preferences, but there are a few things that every Sunday Roast should get right: the centerpiece is roasted meat, the most famous of which are beef with Yorkshire pudding and horseradish, lamb with mint sauce, chicken with redcurrant jelly or bread sauce, and pork with apple sauce and crackling. It comes with roasted potatoes, roasted or blanched vegetables, and gravy made from the roasting juices. It is advisable not to stray from tradition and to adhere to the condiments as accompaniments listed above.

Many of the best Sunday Roasts in London take a more traditional approach. At Roast in London Bridge the choice include sirloin roast beef, pork belly,and roast chicken served with seasonal veg, crispy roasties, a ginormous Yorkshire pud. There’s also the option to order mash as extra.

  • Where to try: The Rose Pub, Pig and Butcher, The Andover arms
  • Price: ranges from £13.25 to £18

top best foods and drinks in london

top best foods and drinks in london

Chicken Tikka Masala

With a huge South Asian population, London is one of the best places in the world for Indian and Pakistani foods. Chicken tikka masala is the poster child for the Anglo-Indian cuisine that took the country by storm after the days of the British Empire. Rumored to have been created by a curry house in Glasgow, it’s even considered by some to be the national dish. In 2001, British Foreign Secretary Robin Cook famously said that chicken tikka masala is a true British national dish, as it is a “perfect illustration of the way Britain absorbs and adapts external influences”. He wasn’t wrong, of course, as chicken tikka masala has been voted Britain’s favorite dish multiple times.

The glorious combination of marinated chicken, yogurt, and spices, from garam masala to cumin, is a unique representation of the country’s complex identity. This gloriously delicious Indian curry, with chunks of grilled chicken swimming in a spiced and tomato-based sauce, is available in curry houses and even in some pubs.

  • Where to try: Khans Restaurant, Hason Raja
  • Price: ranges from £6.95 to £9.95

top best foods and drinks in london

top best foods and drinks in london

Afternoon Tea

Perhaps more than anywhere else, London is synonymous with Afternoon Tea. No visit to the Capital is complete without indulging in the Great British tradition. Going out for Afternoon Tea in London is a favorite pastime for visitors to the capital city. Whether it’s your first trip to London or your fiftieth, Afternoon Tea is always a good idea. Restaurants and tearooms are often changing up their offerings, so there’s always something new to sample, and there are also the tried and true classic Afternoon Tea spots to return to again and again.

The name of this meal does not actually refer to the hot beverage, though that’s usually served as part of it. Instead, it refers to ‘teatime’, an old-fashioned meal eaten in the late afternoon or early evening. This light meal consists of tea, cakes, biscuits, several pastries, bread and jam, and sometimes, sandwiches.

Afternoon Tea originates from the observance of customs common among wealthy socialites in ancient England. Anna Maria, Duchess of Bedford, invented Afternoon ea, and over time, it has become a less formal meal. In modern times, Afternoon Tea is served by a teahouse or tearoom and is sometimes followed by a few glasses of Champagne. You can also find “fancy” or “High Tea” experiences.

  • Where to try: The Beaumont, The Bloomsbury, Theatre Royal Drury Lane
  • Price: ranges from £35 to £50

top best foods and drinks in london

top best foods and drinks in london

Bangers & Mash

Bangers and Mash, one of the best foods and drinks in London, is a traditional English dish served in homes and pubs across the country. However, if you are unfamiliar with British slang, the thought of eating bangers and mash may put you off. However, it turns out that the term bangers refers to the explosion of sausages when cooked over high heat. Due to the scarcity of meat during World War I, sausages contained fillers and large amounts of water. As a result, they are explosive. This is not the case today. So you can be confident that this dish is a hearty classic that will fill you up on any cold day in London. It is a prime example of British comfort food.

A serving of bangers and mash includes sausages and mashed potatoes with onion gravy and peas on top. You can choose between beef, lamb, or pork sausage.The Cumberland sausage is one of the more traditional options available.

It’s difficult to resist the succulent sausages embedded in a delicious, creamy pile of mashed potatoes and fragrant onion gravy, which is mostly served in pubs. Due to its popularity, this pub grub has been listed as Britain’s most popular comfort food. It’s definitely good to warm up and refuel if you get caught out in a London rain shower.

  • Where to try: Mother Mash, The Ivy
  • Price: ranges from £9.95 to £11

top best foods and drinks in london

top best foods and drinks in london


The Pimm’s Cup started as a health drink in 1840s London. Take a swig, and you’ll see why—its blend of mid-proof spirit with lemon, ginger and fruit is as revitalizing as cocktails can be. And its charms are especially effective on a hot day. While exact recipes vary, a Pimm’s Cup always consists of its namesake liqueur, Pimm’s No. 1, lemon soda or ginger ale, and garnishes like strawberries or mint. It’s the variation that adds to the fun of drinking a Pimm’s cocktail — there’s no telling which fruits and flavors a bar might add to customize the cocktail. The Pimm’s Cup is also the favorite cooler at Wimbledon. The first Pimm’s Bar opened in 1971 on the hallowed tennis grounds, and it’s still enjoyed today by the pitcher.

If you’re in the mood to drink a Pimm’s Cup outside, Lido Café Bar in Hyde Park is the perfect place to kick back and relax in nature — the beautiful views overlook the dazzling Serpentine lake. The Castle is another fantastic option for Pimm’s Cups. This authentic British pub is located close to the Angel stop on the Northern Line and features everything you’d expect and want in a pub, from Pimm’s Cups to fish and chips. Also, in the summer months, The Castle hosts BBQs, which make for a great way to spend a pleasant evening in the city.

  • Where to try: Lido Café, The Clissold Arms, The Old White Lion
  • Price: ranges from £4.40 to £6.50

top best foods and drinks in london

top best foods and drinks in london


The Martini might seem so universal that it isn’t specific to London; in fact, it was likely invented in California during the Gold Rush! But there are several types of martini that are unique to London and England, and if you like the sound of any, they’re definitely worth trying. London’s mixologists have taken it upon themselves to give the classic cocktail a makeover that will attract even the most complex drinkers.

First up is the Vesper Martini, which you may recognize from the James Bond books and movies. It’s made with three shots of dry gin, one shot of vodka, and half a shot of Lillet Blanc – dry French vermouth; it was invented by Ian Fleming, who wrote the Bond novels, in the 1950s.

Next is the Espresso Martini, which was invented in the 1980s by famous mixologist Dick Bradsell while he was working at the Soho Brasserie. It’s made with vodka, espresso, sugar syrup, and coffee liqueur – it’s a great option if you want a boost of caffeine to counteract the relaxation of alcohol on a night out.

Finally, the Breakfast Martini – which honestly sounds like a rough way to start the day. Made with gin, marmalade, orange liqueur, and lemon juice, it was invented by bartender Salvatore Calabrese. It was roughly 2000 when the drink popped onto the menu at the Library Bar at the Lanesborough Hotel and has been popular ever since.

  • Where to try: Happiness Forgets, Portobello Star
  • Price: ranges from £8.5 to £9

top best foods and drinks in london

top best foods and drinks in london

Toad in the hole

Toad in the hole does not sound like an appetizing dish. Moreover, it does not sound like it is part of London cuisine. Even so, it is. Despite its odd name, it is an English delicacy with more than 200 years of history behind it.

Like most historic dishes in London cuisine, the toad in the hole had humble beginnings. At the time, only the middle classes and labourers favored it, as it was cheap to make. Moreover, it could feed several people at once. To date, the dish is widely accepted as comfort food definitive in British cuisine. Despite its simplicity and its quirky name, toad in the hole is guaranteed to fill you up and satisfy your cravings.

Also called “sausage toad”, Toad in the hole consists of sausages cooked into Yorkshire pudding batter, usually served with onion gravy and vegetables. It is not a breakfast dish, but rather a dinner or supper alternative to pies or bangers and mash.

Originally referred to as “meat boiled in a crust” in late 18th century cookbooks, nobody’s quite sure how the name transformed into the current version, but it’s not super common to find on menus and definitely worth seeking out if you want to try all of the best London foods out there.

  • Where to try: Bistro Union, Dog & Duck Pub
  • Price: ranges from £11 to £13

top best foods and drinks in london

top best foods and drinks in london

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