Top Best Hospitals for Hip Replacement in the USA


 1. Exactech, the best hip replacement hospital, 2. Rebound Orthopedics & Neurosurgery, 3. Advanced Surgical Hospital, the best place for hip replacement, 4. Barnes-Jewish West County Hospital, the most common hospital, 5. Advocate Health Care is one of the best hospitals, 6. Allegheny General Hospital, the best highly recommended hospital, 7. Chelsea Hospital, best choice for hip replacement. Your doctor may suggest having a complete hip replacement as one option to help you resume an active, normal life. Although everyone has a different set of reasons for getting a complete hip replacement, the end result is always the same: getting you back to doing what you love! Continue reading to learn more about the best hospitals for Hip replacement in the USA. 

  1. Exactech, the best hip replacement hospital
  2. Rebound Orthopedics & Neurosurgery
  3. Advanced Surgical Hospital, the best place for hip replacement
  4. Barnes-Jewish West County Hospital, the most common hospital
  5. Advocate Health Care is one of the best hospitals
  6. Allegheny General Hospital, the best highly recommended hospital
  7. Chelsea Hospital, best choice for hip replacement

Exactech, the best hip replacement hospital

Knee, hip, shoulder, and ankle joint replacements are among the exactech replacements. These medical gadgets are used by surgeons to repair damaged or arthritic joints. Inadequate packing for Exactech’s polyethylene ankle and knee implant inserts might result in premature deterioration.

A total hip replacement involves removing the worn-out components of your hip joint and replacing them with new ones.Your doctor will: During hip replacement surgery:

  • Place you under sedation.
  • Make a cut so they can get to your hip joint.
  • Your bones and/or cartilage should be repaired where necessary.
  • With the direct anterior approach, your surgeon may reach your hip joint from the front of the hip during hip replacement surgery.

    The muscles surrounding your hip will then be worked through by the surgeon without having to cut them.This strategy may offer a number of advantages:

  • Make it easier for you to get back to your regular routine following surgery.
  • Be less agonizing.
  • Allow you to recuperate more quickly.
  • Lessen the possibility of hip dislocation.

Exactech, Florida-based is a manufacturer of medical equipment with between 501 and 1000 staff members. Based on 16 reviews from an unspecified number of workers, Exactech has a 3.7-star InHerSight Score.

Google rates 5.0 with 82 reviews

Address: 2320 NW 66th Court Gainesville, Florida 32653 USA

Phone: +1 352-377-1140


top best hospitals for hip replacement in the usa

Exactech, best hospital for hip replacement

top best hospitals for hip replacement in the usa

Total Hip Replacement

Rebound Orthopedics & Neurosurgery

Rebound Orthopedics & Neurosurgery offers superior hip treatment from fellowship-trained and board-certified hip physicians so you may rebound. Rebound has been the leading orthopedic and neurosurgery provider for Vancouver, Portland, Lake Oswego, and the surrounding communities for over 50 years.

Hip replacements use a collaborative approach to patient-centered treatment and collaborate with our physical therapists and athletic trainers, who provide complete physical therapy services, to aid in a full and quick recovery. Rebound’s ultimate objective is to give you a successful rehabilitation plan that is tailored to your particular requirements so you may get back to living pain-free.Rebound’s board-certified and fellowship-trained hip surgeons, including Todd A. Borus, M.D., Dhanur Damodar, M.D., Jerome J. DaSilva, M.D., F.R.C.S.C., M. Robson Fraser, M.D., R. Wendell Pierce, M.D., Stephen R. Southerland, M.D., and Edward A. Sparling, M.D., have the knowledge.

Before recommending surgery, hip replacements always try all non-surgical methods first. Nevertheless, there are specific circumstances when hip surgery is the best choice to relieve pain and restore function. Doctors have extensive expertise in conducting a wide range of surgical treatments, including hip replacement, treating hip fractures, using a direct anterior approach for total hip replacement, hip resurfacing, and hip arthroscopy, if hip surgery is advised.


Southwest Washington Offices: (503) 713-6128 Portland Office: (503) REBOUND Call Center Hours: 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Questions about Business Office Billing: (360) 449-1129Office hours for businesses are from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm.

The following holidays are observed by closing:

  • Christmas Day
  • Memorial Day, July 4th, and Labor Day
  • The day of Thanksgiving and the day following Thanksgiving

Google rates 3.9 with 24 reviews

Address: 200 NE Mother Joseph Pl Suite 110, Vancouver, WA 98664, USA

Phone: (503) 713-6128


top best hospitals for hip replacement in the usa

The best choice to relieve pain

top best hospitals for hip replacement in the usa

Fellowship-trained physicians

Advanced Surgical Hospital, the best place for hip replacement

At Advanced Surgical Hospital, researchers prioritize your complete recovery so you may resume your favorite activities since designers know how important it is to you. To guarantee successful outcomes each and every time, humans bring together committed orthopedic surgeons, clinical personnel, and a care model created around the particular requirements of both patients and their families.

Advanced Surgical offer a seamless care experience from the time of your first appointment until you have accomplished the objectives of your treatment plan. The procedure will be quicker and more enjoyable since your team at Advanced Surgical encourages cooperation. They will combine their specialties and years of experience to fix your issue without deviating from your treatment plan.

The orthopedic surgery procedure is more effective, efficient, and significantly less stressful for everyone thanks to its continuum of care strategy. Here at Advanced Surgical Hospital, humans provide all the services you could require in connection with your orthopedic surgery, including:

  • Preoperative MRI Imaging
  • Therapy Physical and occupational therapy following surgery
  • Management of Pain

Patients at Advanced Surgical Hospital awarded their care an overall grade of 96 out of 100 when surveyed about it. In addition, patients give this hospital 98 out of 100 when it comes to suggesting that others get treatment there.

Google rates 3.9 with 31 reviews

Address: 100 Trich Dr #1, Washington, PA 15301, USA
Phone: (724) 884-0710
top best hospitals for hip replacement in the usa


top best hospitals for hip replacement in the usa

From Advanced Surgical Hospital, the best Hip Replacement

Barnes-Jewish West County Hospital, the most common hospital

A patient journey guide has been created by Barnes-Jewish and orthopedic physician colleagues from Washington University to help you understand what to anticipate before, during, and after your hip replacement. You will travel this path alongside a care team, and you will be urged to follow all advice to get the greatest results.

The hospital provides our patients with emergency department services in the extremely unlikely case of a post-surgical problem. The majority of orthopedic surgeons react in person to patient crises. If you do require admission, the same team of skilled hip repalcement nurses who managed your post-op stay will take care of you.

Hip replacement team provides kind, individualized treatment for hip replacement surgery that includes:

– Surgeons with extensive experience: Many of our orthopedists have been in practice for more than 20 years. Every year, they execute hundreds of hip replacement operations.

– Minimally invasive techniques: orthopedic surgeons try to avoid severing the muscles in the legs whenever feasible. – – With this method, there is less discomfort and a quicker recovery.

– Modern methods to limit blood loss: Our surgeons employ unique methods to manage blood loss and lessen the need for a post-operative transfusion.

– Modern pain management: During surgery, our doctors will inject non-narcotic numbing drugs into your leg. This implies that you wake up feeling relaxed and free from the negative affects of drugs.

On the list of the Top Hospitals, Barnes-Jewish Hospital in Saint Louis, Missouri, is listed at number 11. It is highly rated in 1 adult speciality, 20 procedures, and conditions, and is ranked nationally in 11 adult specializations.

Google rates 4.3 with 332 reviews

Address: Joint and Spine Center, Washington University Physicians, Medical Office Building 4, 1044 North Mason, Suite 110, Creve Coeur, Missouri 63141

Phone: +1 314-996-8000


top best hospitals for hip replacement in the usa

Hip replacement

top best hospitals for hip replacement in the usa

AdventHealth Orlando, best hospital

Advocate Health Care is one of the best hospitals

Hip replacement surgery can be done to restore normal alignment, make movement simple, and let you resume enjoying life if your everyday activities are being hampered by hip pain or an accident. You may be certain that you are in capable hands because our physicians have significant expertise executing the procedure utilizing the latest cutting-edge orthopedic procedures and technology.

By putting your treatment in the hands of our orthopedic professionals, you can get relief from your hip discomfort or condition. We’re committed to helping you stay active and get rid of your pain as rapidly as possible while always considering nonsurgical options first.

Leading team: Many of the devices used in hospitals around the country and the world were created by board-certified orthopedic surgeons on our team, who have received acclaim on a global scale.

Offering patients a comprehensive choice of cutting-edge treatment alternatives to explore depending on their unique objectives and needs, we are specialists in cutting-edge technology and methodologies.

Outstanding results: Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Illinois has awarded our hospitals Blue Distinction Centers for hip replacement surgery, an accolade that denotes a track record of providing top-notch treatment and outcomes.

With the aid of our cutting-edge hip replacements and top doctors, you may get back to living and working more quickly and with less discomfort. We provide:

  • Primary joint replacements performed as outpatients, with potential for same-day discharge.
  • Typically only need a one- to three-day hospital stay, inpatient surgery
  • An alternate surgery that causes less muscle deterioration and potential mobility restrictions is anterior hip replacement.

Out of 4515 hospitals, this hospital was ranked among the top 50. Out of 4515 hospitals, this hospital was ranked among the top 50.

Google rates 3.8 with 2.200 reviews

Address: 4440 West 95th Street Oak Lawn, IL 60453-2699

Phone: 847-723-2210


top best hospitals for hip replacement in the usa

The best Hip repalcement hospital

top best hospitals for hip replacement in the usa

About Advocate Health Care

The acetabulum’s socket and the ball-shaped head of the femur are both removed during hip replacement surgery. We swap them out for synthetic joints composed of plastic and aluminum. If existing therapies for hip discomfort are ineffective, you could need hip replacement surgery.

The Allegheny Health Network (AHN) Orthopaedic Institute is located at AGH. Here, our doctors offer the whole spectrum of surgical and nonsurgical therapies. We are experts in

  • Accurate spine operations: In western Pennsylvania, the AHN surgical team was the first to deploy the Mazor XTM robotic system. This cutting-edge technique guarantees accurate spine surgery.
  • Our orthopaedic surgeons are skilled in performing minimally invasive, robotic-assisted joint repair and replacement treatments.
  • Navigator orthopaedic nurse: You work closely with a qualified nurse navigator who helps you through the surgical procedure as part of our Diamond Care strategy.
  • Advanced trauma services: Our Quality 1 Trauma Center’s fellowship-trained orthopaedic trauma team offers the best level of care for victims of serious accidents.

Ranking and rating

Customer satisfaction surveys can indicate some areas that are critical criteria to maintain, such as treating pain and keeping a clean atmosphere, even if they may not always represent the quality of treatment offered at the hospital.

Google rates 4.03 out of 5 34 reviews

Address: 320 East North Avenue, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, U.S.

Phone: (412) DOCTORS (412) 362-8677


top best hospitals for hip replacement in the usa

Recommended hip replacement hospital in the USA

Chelsea Hospital, best choice for hip replacement

For illnesses and disorders of the musculoskeletal system, sometimes known as “bones and joints,” hospitals provide a broad spectrum of examination, diagnosis, and treatment (both surgery and non-surgical).

With the goal of integrating care around the patient and creating the most effective routes, we operate a wide range of general and specialized outpatient clinics and collaborate closely with colleagues in other hospital departments.

We also accept patients for elective (scheduled) inpatient and outpatient surgery, with the assistance of our specialized nursing staff, who are available to answer questions and offer support and direction as needed.

The ailments we treat and therapies offer consist of:

– Methods for revision of knee and hip replacements

– A difficult soft tissue knee operation

– Surgery on the shoulders, elbows, and hands

– Surgery on the ankle and feet

– Orthopaedic surgery in children

– Inflammatory illnesses such as tendonitis, bursitis, and others

– Arthritic—joint discomfort or stiffness

– Bone, joint, and other limb infections, as well as dislocations

– Bone fractures and breaks

– Ligaments, cartilages, muscles, and tendons in the limbs can get injured.

Google rates 4.5 out of 266 reviews
Address: Ground Floor, Lift Bank D, Trauma and Orthopaedics, Chelsea and Westminster Hospital
Phone: 020 3315 3266/3234
Website: top best hospitals for hip replacement in the usa

Caring in Chelsea Hospital

top best hospitals for hip replacement in the usa

Best hospital for hip replacement

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