Top Best Road Trips From Miami


1. Hilton Head Island, SC, 2. Naples, FL, 3. Jackson, MS, 4. Mobile, AL, 5. Key West, FL, 6. Atlanta, GA, 7. Myrtle Beach, SC, 8. Montgomery, AL, 9. New Orleans, LA, 10. Virginia Beach, VA. The stunning city of Miami nestles in Miami-Dade County. It brags a marvelous cityscape where skyscraping buildings dominate proudly in the busy skies. Aside from being a cultural hub, this upscale metropolis is also the heart of economics and finance of South Florida. It houses fascinating museums, exciting recreational areas, high-end businesses, exquisite restaurants, and more. Additionally, it is famed for its spectacular sandy beaches that captivate tourists from all over the US. When you visit Miami, choose among the top Airbnb vacation rentals and kosher hotels as your accommodation. After a short satisfying vacation in the city, you might want to take the adventure elsewhere. For your guidance, here is a list of the best road trips from Miami, Florida.

  1. Hilton Head Island, SC
  2. Naples, FL
  3. Jackson, MS
  4. Mobile, AL
  5. Key West, FL
  6. Atlanta, GA
  7. Myrtle Beach, SC
  8. Montgomery, AL
  9. New Orleans, LA
  10. Virginia Beach, VA

Hilton Head Island, SC

Going on a road trip isn’t just about getting to your destination; the drive itself is part of the journey and must be appreciated just as much. If you’re looking for a destination with a scenic drive throughout, Hilton Head Island is a top contender. With a distance of 518 miles (833 km) from Miami, the travel time will be around 7 hours and 45 minutes. You’ll be driving along the Atlantic coast of Florida and Georgia, passing through places like Daytona Beach, Jacksonville, and Savannah, before you finally arrive on the island. Some of the things you can enjoy in the area are, of course, the endless beaches and world-class golf courses.

Approximately 70% of the island, including most of the tourist areas, it is located inside gated communities. However, the town maintains several public beach access points, including one for the exclusive use of town residents, who have approved several multimillion-dollar land-buying bond referendums to control commercial growth. Hilton Head Island offers an unusual number of cultural opportunities for a community its size, including plays at the Arts Center of Coastal Carolina, the 120-member full chorus of the Hilton Head Choral Society, the Hilton Head Symphony Orchestra, an annual outdoor, tented wine tasting event on the east coast, and several other annual community festivals. A trip to Hilton Head Island is one of the best road trips from Miami.

Address: 1 Chamber of Commerce Drive, Suite A PO Box 5647, SC 29938

Official site:

Phone: (843) 785-3673

Entrance fee: $9

Google rating: 5.0/5.0

top best road trips from miami

top best road trips from miami

Naples, FL

Let’s face it, some people just don’t have the luxury of being on the road for too long. Sometimes, everyone just wants a quick vacation before going back to their busy lives. If short road trips from Miami are what you’re looking for, Naples in Florida should be included on your list. The drive doesn’t take more than 2 hours, with the distance being only 127 miles (204 km). Naples is known for its 10-mi (16 km) pristine shore along the Gulf of Mexico. The best attractions to visit in the city are the Naples Fishing Pier, Vanderbilt Beach, and Delnor-Wiggins Pass State Park.

Naples is Italy’s third most populous city and the capital of the Campania region. With an urban sprawl scattered beyond the city walls for many miles, it’s an exciting city that blends hard-knock sensibility with classical elegance, amazing art, and a stirring shot of romance. Top attractions here include the National Archaeological Museum (packed with fascinating Graeco-Roman artifacts), the palatial Museo di Capodimonte (with works by Titian and Warhol), and Capella Sansevero chapel (its striking interior boasts ultra-realistic, Masonic-influenced frescos). With all this outstanding art and culture, you might suffer sensory overload. In which case, hire a car in Naples and strike out into the surrounding Campania countryside for some fresh air and cathartic scenery.

Address: 735 8th Street South, Naples, Florida 34102

Official site:

Phone: 239 213 1015

Entrance fee: Average Ticket Price ($27), Minimum Price ($16)

top best road trips from miami

top best road trips from miami

Jackson, MS

If you’ve always dreamed of driving up to Mississippi, consider visiting the capital city of Jackson. The distance between the cities is a whopping 910 miles (1,464 km) and the travel time is about 14 hours. You can make stops at Tallahassee, Pensacola, and Hattiesburg. Jackson is home to quite a lot of museums and historical places like the Mississippi Civil Rights Museum, Mississippi Governor’s Mansion, and The Oaks House Museum.

Jackson Hole Mountain Resort is your key to sky-high rides, scenic hikes through vibrant wildflowers, and Via Ferrata climbs that conquer. Lifts and trails offer unparalleled access to boundless views atop the Tetons, while newly developed downhill mountain bike trails are set to challenge and reward. You can explore exhilarating summer activities and experience what makes more than a mountain. You also can take a stunning ride up to the “Top of the World” for unparalleled views, hiking, climbing, and of course, the world-famous gourmet waffles in Corbet’s Cabin.

Address: 219 S. President St. Jackson, MS 39201

Official site:

Phone: 601-960-0471

Entrance fee: Adults: $8. Youth (Ages 3-18): $6. Senior Citizens 60 and Over: $7. Children Under 3: FREE

Google rating: 4.0/5.0

top best road trips from miami

top best road trips from miami

Mobile, AL

While the travel time to Mobile, Alabama, takes an estimated 11 hours, it is one of the best road trip destinations coming from Miami. It is a port city on the state’s Gulf coast and houses the World War II USS Alabama battleship at Battleship Memorial Park. The oldest celebrations of Mardi Gras and Carnival are said to have transpired in Mobile. When you visit this vibrant city, see to it that you experience the wonders of attractions like Oakleigh Historic Complex, Mobile Carnival Museum, and Bragg-Mitchell Mansion. This site promises to be one of the best road trips from Miami.

Cultural influences from Mobile’s former French, British and Spanish occupants can be seen throughout the seven National Register Historic Districts. Tour the meticulously furnished 1860 Richards DAR House Museum, the circa-1833 Historic Oakleigh House or the hauntingly beautiful Magnolia Cemetery. For the hungry traveler, Mobile’s food scene won’t disappoint. Whether it’s Southern soul food, fresh-from-the-boat Gulf seafood or tender barbecue, you’re sure to delight in it here. Try Wintzell’s Oyster House for a casual atmosphere, or go upscale with steak and seafood at Dauphin’s – the views of Mobile can’t be beat. Dauphin Street is great for after-hours drinks and dancing.

Address: 151 Government St, Mobile, Alabama 36602

Official site:

Phone: (334) 242-7200

Entrance fee: $4

top best road trips from miami top best road trips from miami

Key West, FL

There’s no arguing that one of the best places to visit in Florida (and in all of the US, even) is Key West, especially if you’re all about the ocean! With just 157 miles (252 km) between Miami and Key West, your scenic road trip will take just a little over 3 hours. It sure is going to be one of the most beautiful drives of your life, passing through the towns of the Florida Keys. The Historic District is a place you should visit when driving to Key West, with attractions like Duval Street, Mallory Square, and Fort Zachary Taylor. Come down to Key West if a much-needed vacation to the beach is what you’ve been craving!

The Florida Keys are one of the best spots in the US to go on a road trip. In just 100 miles, hop from key to key, go snorkeling, dine at seafood restaurants, try key lime pie, go shopping, and enjoy endless views of brilliant aquamarine water. It’s a gorgeous drive with lots to do. There are several ways to plan your Florida Keys road trip. With one day, drive from Miami to Key West, visiting the highlights along the way. For those with more time, spend several days in the Florida Keys, spending the night in Islamorada, Marathon, or one of the other keys.

Address: 905 Truman Avenue, Key West, FL 33040

Official site:

Phone: 305-296-2594

Entrance fee: General Admission, $15; Children 4-12, $11; Seniors and Military, $12; Under 4, Free

Google rating: 4.8/5.0

top best road trips from miami

top best road trips from miami

Atlanta, GA

After a few days of a satisfying vacation in Miami, move the escapade with your loved ones to Atlanta. If you like going on road trips with your family, a romantic partner, friends, and even solo, Atlanta may seem like a fantastic road trip destination. The journey from Atlanta will only take you 9 hours of travel and cover 664 miles (1068 km) of land. If you find this long and tiring for you, you can stop by Charleston for some rest. It is also known as one of the best road trips from Miami. Atlanta will surely charm you with its rich history and modern upscale attractions.

Atlanta is a uniquely amazing city. This capital is home to plenty of annual festivals, exciting sporting events, beautiful art galleries, and some of the best restaurants around. While the 404 is the perfect spot to visit, if you live here, sometimes it’s good to get away from the hustle and bustle of daily life. And as visitors approach the warmer months and you’re looking for a quick trip out of town, the options are endless. From the enchanting and Spanish moss-covered streets of Savannah’s Riverwalk to the legendary music scene in Nashville, Tennessee, here 18 perfect road trips for you to experience this summer.

Address: 235 Peachtree Street NE in Atlanta, GA

Official site:

Phone: 404.546.0311

Entrance fee: General Admission. $39.95

Google rating: 4.6/5.0

top best road trips from miami top best road trips from miami

Myrtle Beach, SC

If you can’t get enough of the sea, travel all the way to Myrtle Beach in South Carolina from Miami. A road trip to this stunning city will only take 11 hours of scenic travel. You will pass through Atlanta, and there you can go on a wonderful side trip, rest, and even try local restaurants. Myrtle Beach will take your breathe away with its gorgeous shores, wonderful amusement parks, seafood restaurants, and lots of other offerings. Plus, it is also an ideal hideaway destination for boys (or girls) who are into world-class golfing.

It’s a well known fact that Myrtle Beach is a vacation destination like no other. A simple cruise down the boulevard or a walk around Broadway at the Beach and you’re sure to see a few of the “Only in Myrtle Beach…” sights that make this area so quirky and charming. From tacky airbrushed T-shirts and gaudy fluorescent beachwear to the over-the-top decor at theme restaurants and fiberglass characters adorning the mini golf courses, there’s plenty of unique sights to see while you’re here. But as people say “Getting there is half the fun…” and this is absolutely true when driving to Myrtle Beach!

Address: 415 S Ocean Blvd, Myrtle Beach, Horry, South Carolina 29577

Official site:

Phone: 843-918-1008

Entrance fee: $8 adults; $5/SC seniors (age 65 & older); $4/ child age 6-15; Free for children 5 and younger

top best road trips from miami top best road trips from miami

Montgomery, AL

Just like Myrtle Beach, a road trip from Miami to Montgomery will take 11 hours as it covers a distance of 689 mi (1108 km), but the long ride will be worth it when you get to this captivating city and indulge in its delightful offerings. It boasts a fascinating history, as it played a big part in the Civil Rights Movement. Here, you’ll find lots of remarkable antebellum mansions, 18th-century Alabama State Capitol, Montgomery Museum of Fine Arts, and many others. Also, your family will surely have the time of their life at Montgomery Zoo & Mann Wildlife Learning Museum.

A fitting place to begin your Montgomery visit is the King Memorial Baptist Church on Dexter Avenue, where Martin Luther King, Jr., was pastor during the Montgomery bus boycott. The church is within easy walking distance of all the downtown hotels. You can tour the church and also the Dexter Parsonage Museum on South Jackson Avenue, a few blocks away, where the King family lived during their time in Montgomery. If you are short on time, book a timed tour in advance (the last Friday tour is at 3 p.m.), but walk-ins are accommodated if they have room; allow an hour for the church, two if you visit the parsonage. Nearby, on Washington Avenue, is the Maya Lin–designed Civil Rights Memorial that sits in front of the Civil Rights Memorial Center. If you have time, definitely go inside to see the exhibits, the Wall of Justice, and to watch the short film on the Civil Rights Movement. A trip to Montgomery is one of the best road trips from Miami.

Address: 103 North Perry St Montgomery, AL 36104

Official site:

Phone: (334) 625-4636

Entrance fee: Adults (13 years old or older): $18 · Children (3 – 12 years of age): $14 · Toddlers (2 years old or younger): FREE

Google rating: 4.5/5.0

top best road trips from miami top best road trips from miami

New Orleans, LA

With just under two weeks, you can wind your way from one epic music and food city to the next. The total drive is 620 miles; 444 of these curve down the National Park Service’s Natchez Trace Parkway. You’ll hear everything from country to Creole; visit the birthplace of the King and a place where civil rights stood proud. The trip will take longer on two wheels or horseback, but the Natchez Trace is well-suited for such modes of transport. The parkway mileposts are numbered from south to north, so it’s easy to start your trip in New Orleans and follow this guide in reverse to end your journey in Nashville. Either way, your trip is bookended by good food and music. If you have more time, it is easy to add in the Mississippi Delta and Memphis and loop back to Nashville.

Billing itself as the city that never sleeps, New Orleans is a breathtaking city that has a rich cultural heritage. If you have extra time after your long vacation in Miami, drive straight to New Orleans. This city is known as the Big Easy and has been featured in numerous Hollywood films through time. New Orleans is the ultimate destination for party-goers as the city lights up with festive spirits, and here is where the enchanting Mardi Gras festival happens yearly. A road trip from Miami to New Orlean might be lengthy as it takes 12 hours of travel. However, you can take rest in the stunning cities of Jacksonville or Tampa, as they are in the middle of the journey.

Address: Louisiana, US

Official site:

Phone: (504) 218-8161

Entrance fee: $10 for General Admission

top best road trips from miami top best road trips from miami

Virginia Beach, VA

Have you been itching to spend a much-deserved vacation in Southeastern Virginia and make lasting memories with your loved ones? Virginia Beach is one of the most gorgeous and picturesque destinations in the US. In this city, the vast Atlantic Ocean and the Chesapeake Bay converge, providing locals and tourists with a wonderful swimming and water-sports sight. Virginia is packed with history and stunning natural beauty. It was the birthplace of the nation, the site of the first Thanksgiving, and the place where patriot Patrick Henry exclaimed, “Give me liberty, or give me death!” It also boasts more than 7,000 miles of coast and a large swath of the Blue Ridge Mountains. Therefore, it is one of the best road trips from Miami.

Beginning just south of the nation’s capital and ending in Virginia Beach, this Virginia road trip pairs centuries of history, fresh mountain air, and beautiful beaches with delicious cuisine and an adult beverage trail. Because of Virginia Beach’s geographical location, this city is also a paradise of sumptuous seafood. If you’re traveling with family, make sure to take them to Virginia Aquarium & Marine Science Center, and watch as the kids’ eyes glow with so much joy. From Miami to Virginia Beach, you’ll be driving a 14-hour journey. You can stop in South Carolina or Georgia for a few hours of sleep.

Address: 3916 Virginia Beach Blvd, Virginia Beach, VA

Official site:

Phone: (757) 385-4067

Entrance fee: $3 per day for residents. $5 per day for non-residents. $10 for buses and RV’s.

top best road trips from miami top best road trips from miami

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