Top Michelin-starred Restaurants in Miami


1. L'Atelier de Joël Robuchon Restaurant Miami, 2. Ariete, 3. Boia De, 4. Cote Miami, 5. The Den at Azabu Miami Beach, 6. Elcielo, 7. Hiden, 8. Le Jardinier, 9. Los Félix, 10. Stubborn Seed. People in South Florida have been left wondering for years which of Miami restaurants are deserving of a Michelin star. It was a dinnertime game for those of us who often dine out or at least frequent restaurants:Who would you award a Michelin star to? When the Michelin Guide eventually made its way to Florida and gave stars to 10 restaurants there, the need to speculate was eliminated. For locals, the fact that all of those eateries are in Miami is not surprising. Toplist is pleased to say that Michelin did a good job compiling a list of several of our favorite establishments, locations that have long deserved recognition and are deserving of your upcoming night out.

  1. L’Atelier de Joël Robuchon Restaurant Miami
  2. Ariete
  3. Boia De
  4. Cote Miami
  5. The Den at Azabu Miami Beach
  6. Elcielo
  7. Hiden
  8. Le Jardinier
  9. Los Félix
  10. Stubborn Seed

L’Atelier de Joël Robuchon Restaurant Miami

It shouldn’t be a surprise that the only restaurant in the entire state to receive two Michelin stars is the most serious, even duty-like representation of exquisite dining in Miami. After all, this is a branch of the empire that bears the name of the late Jol Robuchon, who amassed 32 Michelin stars throughout his career. In an ultra-modern, red-on-black setting that conveys the severity of the situation, a culinary team made up of Robuchon proteges produces tasting and a-la-carte menus that are as gorgeous as any in town.

The term L’Atelier, which means “workshop,” emphasizes Chef Robuchon’s signature ability to transform even the most conventional dishes into something spectacular utilizing the finest ingredients, impeccable technique, and copious amounts of inventiveness.

At L’Atelier Miami, Chef Robuchon’s protégés continue this culinary concept with a Modern French menu that includes classic hallmark dishes as well as fresh, constantly-changing seasonal creations made with ingredients obtained from the best local and regional purveyors.

Google Rating: 4.5/5.0
Address: 151 NE 41st St, Miami, FL 33137, U.S.
Phone: +13054029070
Website: top michelin-starred restaurants in miami

top michelin-starred restaurants in miami


You’ll be forced to taste things on Ariete’s menu that you didn’t think you would like, and you’ll be surprised by how quickly you fall in love.

Every establishment must excel at service, ambiance, and, most importantly, what they are putting on the plate in order to be deemed an excellent restaurant. But for a restaurant to be genuinely outstanding, it needs to possess a few more difficult qualities: locally sourced products, a creative wine and drink list, and a chef who isn’t afraid to take risks. Michael Beltran is the chef at Ariete, a popular restaurant in Coconut Grove that is both quiet and lively.

Few chefs take greater chances than Beltran, so let’s talk about that final one. He offers items on his menu that are unique, effective, and turn into dishes you’ll talk about for years at dinner parties while retaining the images on your phone. The pressed duck, a dinner for two that starts with the waiter bringing out a 14-day dry-aged bird for inspection, may be the best illustration of this. Later, it returns with a tableside demonstration in which the breast will be seared and is presented with a tangy-tart salad and a roasted calabaza tamal.

Then, right there next to you, the innards are squashed by a hand-turned press, with the resulting liquid being reduced down into a sauce. Each and every table will turn to watch the procedure, which is not only fascinating but also results in a variety of duck dishes that are equally excellent and unfamiliar to the majority of people.

Google Rating: 4.4/5.0

Address: 3540 Main Hwy, Coconut Grove, FL 33133, U.S

Phone: +17866153747


top michelin-starred restaurants in miami

Photograph: Courtesy Ariete/Antonella Re

top michelin-starred restaurants in miami

Boia De

Boia De is located in a modest but adequate commercial complex that is bordered by a mom-and-pop grocery store and a laundromat on the outskirts of Little Haiti, an immigrant neighborhood on the cusp of significant transformation. Reservations are required because the retro-styled restaurant only has 24 seats. You may see Michelin-trained chefs Luciana Giangrandi and Alex Meyer working at the black-and-white terrazzo counter: The two walk rhythmically around one another as songs by Neil Young and Paul McCartney are played on the speakers. Meyer slices porchetta for a novel salumi-style beginning that is topped with sunchokes and matsutake mushrooms, and Giangrandi painstakingly assembles the absolutely superb beef tartare.

Each dish is elevated a notch: the beef tartare, for instance, is topped with a crunchy shallot-garlic mixture and fried capers for a burst of briny flavor, and the whole thing is smothered in a delicious tonnato sauce, an Italian condiment made with tuna that binds everything together like a fancy picnic salad. The ingredient-driven menu, which doesn’t really distinguish between starters and mains, is designed for sharing, but you’ll want to save certain things for yourself.

Eat a bowl of the silky tortellini en brodo, Italy’s take on a dumpling soup, which consists of tiny pasta pouches of foie gras floating in a luscious duck consommé. Divide the fiery grilled octopus with roasted peppers and the pillowy ricotta gnocchi with cherry pomodoro—the egg yolk is blended into the sauce, making it heavier than expected. These days, the trendy cephalopod can be found on almost every menu in Miami, but nowhere else will you find tentacles that are as soft; after being cooked sous vide for hours and then grilled, they can be cut with a fork.

Google Rating: 4.6/5.0

Address: 5205 NE 2nd Ave, Miami, FL 33137, U.S.

Phone: +13059678866


top michelin-starred restaurants in miami

top michelin-starred restaurants in miami

Photograph: FujifilmGirl

Cote Miami

Every penny spent at the New York City-based, Michelin-starred Korean steakhouse is worthwhile. Cote brings together the delicacy and heart of a traditional Koren BBQ pit with the sophisticated dining experience of a high-end steakhouse, bringing it all together in a well-appointed room highlighted by blue-chip artwork because, well, why not?

Cote, which has won numerous awards, gained notoriety for offering 45-day dry-aged beef, which customers can view from behind glass in the red light dry-aging area. To remind you of the quality of Cote, each table has a custom, smokeless charcoal grill where skilled employees prepare different pieces of meat for you. first time? For less than $60 per person, the Butcher’s Feast tasting experience is a fantastic opportunity to get a taste of the restaurant’s best dishes. The 10-course steak omakase, however, is always available for a delectable deep dive.

Address: 3900 NE Second AveMiami33137-3622

Phone: 305-434-4668


top michelin-starred restaurants in miami

Photograph: Felipe Cuevas

top michelin-starred restaurants in miami


The Den at Azabu Miami Beach

There seems to be room for a number of upscale sushi restaurants in Miami, where the demand is largely driven by the city’s overwhelming adoration of plates made with pricey toro and alluring uni that make us reach far, far into our pockets. Azabu In this crowded market, Miami Beach is a deserving opponent and even outperforms its rivals thanks to superior ingredients; for example, a large portion of its seafood is flown in daily, and its Japanese sushi-rice producers are precisely tuned to operate in Miami’s unusual humidity.

The first location of the Michelin-starred restaurant with the same name in New York lives up to its reputation, stressing omatenashi, or traditional Japanese hospitality, and boasting an amazing collection of more than 40 international whiskies, which are best enjoyed in a flight. Inquire about Azabu’s secret omakase den for the ultimate tasting experience.

Google Rating: 5.0/5.0

Address:Marriott Stanton South Beach161 Ocean DrMiami Beach33139

Phone: 786-276-0520

top michelin-starred restaurants in miami

top michelin-starred restaurants in miami

Photograph: Courtesy Deep Sleep Studio/@Rubenpictures


In the United States, it may be all about farm-to-table and organic foods, but in Latin America, where healthy ingredients aren’t as novel, gourmet dining has a different emphasis. In establishments like Elcielo, a Colombian import that specialized in extravagant cuisine meant to stimulate the senses, presentation and grandeur take on greater relevance. Because not everything that comes to your table is edible and certain courses are meant to stimulate the palate while others are meant to pique your curiosity, meals are served in short courses here.

The chocolate course, where each guest is handed a large bowl and told to wash their hands in chocolate, is one of Elcielo’s most talked-about moments (licking your fingers is encouraged). Bread is served on top of a faux bark instead of a traditional basket; the bulbous yuca bread was made to mimic a blossoming tree, and coffee is filtered at the table as dry ice blows to represent the mountainous fog of Colombia. Although some may find it flashy, dining at Elcielo makes the triple-digit bill worthwhile.

Google Rating: 4.1/5.0

Address: 31 SE 5th St, Miami, FL 33131, U.S.

Phone: +13058747867


top michelin-starred restaurants in miami

top michelin-starred restaurants in miami

Photograph: Daniel Gutierrez


The Taco Stand in Wynwood’s back room houses Hiden, an upscale omakase counter. Now, just because we told you where it was doesn’t mean you can just approach the door and request a seat. You must first make a reservation, which takes time. Hiden is completely booked for months in advance, thus the only chance to get a ressy is to keep an eye on its Instagram and seize a timeslot as soon as new seats become available.

The date of your future reservation, if you’re lucky, two months from now, and you’re in for a treat. You should have by now received the temporary, four-digit code needed to access the area. After typing it in and entering through the sliding door (while covertly taking a photo of yourself for Instagram), you’ll be seated at an eight-seat sushi counter for two hours of made-to-order cuisine that will make you reconsider our local Japanese restaurant.

Hiden has seen a small number of chefs since it opened in March 2018. Chef Tetsuya Honda, a native of Japan who most recently worked at Azuki Sushi in San Diego, is currently in charge. Together with sous chef James Weinlein, who gained experience in kitchens like Alter and Azul, the two present a superb 15-course tasting menu that draws inspiration from various areas of Japan.

Google Rating: 4.7/5.0

Address: 313 NW 25th StMiami33127


top michelin-starred restaurants in miami

top michelin-starred restaurants in miami

Photograph: Courtesy Hiden

Le Jardinier

Le Jardinier would be the Jetsons’ go-to restaurant in Miami, if they had one. Although your food isn’t being dispensed by a high-tech vending machine and the servers aren’t kind and caring robots, the aesthetic is undoubtedly something you’d expect to see in the future. Additionally, the room has a unique visionary quality that we can only guess the cartoon family would like due to the stark-white furnishings and emerald-green decorations.

Equally innovative is the menu’s emphasis on vegetables, which includes seasonal fare and seafood that is responsibly sourced, all of which is presented on a bed of vibrant foams and vegetable reductions. Along with roasted lobster, there are cherry-smoked purple potatoes and seared chunks of fresh fish served in pools of creamy avocado. Another dish is a Twix bar that has been disassembled to resemble a dirt cup but taste far more upscale. The fussy dishes are obviously designed to be photographed as much as they are to be devoured and enjoyed because so much attention is taken into plating them.

Address: 151 NE 41st StMiami33137

Phone: +13054029060


top michelin-starred restaurants in miami

top michelin-starred restaurants in miami

Photograph: Courtesy Le Jardinier/Michael Pisarri

Los Félix

Los Félix is a Mexican restaurant in Coconut Grove that takes great pride in all it does, including its tortillas. Almost wherever you go, tortillas serve as a simple delivery system for delectable foods, much like the white bread in a meatloaf sandwich. Not at Los Félix, where they take great pride in all they do, including their tortillas.

The molino, or traditional mill, is put up directly in the middle of the dining room and grinds the imported Mexican maize using a volcano rock. You should try them on their own, soaking up the nutty, toasted goodness of something fantastic because it’s also so easy, once the freshly ground masa is pressed into small disks and grilled.

From there, the food at Los Félix becomes much more complicated: a beet carpaccio that resembles a spring flower, a blue corn quesadilla with colorful squash blossoms fanning out from the opening, meaty mushrooms blooming from the crispy sopes, well-seasoned pibil shrimp in a pair of tacos, and pork cheeks stewed into the most tender carnitas. You will pay for all of this attention to detail in the food because the portions are small and the prices are high—expect to pay around $100 per person for tacos and other items of this nature. However, the service is kind and attentive, and the atmosphere is hip, evoking a popular chef-driven restaurant in Mexico City’s Polanco district.

Google Rating: 3.9/5.0

Address: 3413 Main Hwy, Miami, FL 33133, U.S.

Phone: +13056405013


top michelin-starred restaurants in miami

Photograph: Courtesy Los Felix/William Hereford

top michelin-starred restaurants in miami

Photograph: Vanessa Diaz

Stubborn Seed

The seasonal menu at Top Chef alum Jeremy Ford’s eatery includes a variety of American dishes that taste just as wonderful as they look. The collective sigh of relief heard throughout the city’s gastronomic circles was louder than the celebration of Jeremy Ford’s new restaurant; the Top Chef winner who had quit his job at Matador Room months earlier was back in line. Ford’s second restaurant with Grove Bay Hospitality Group is in the works. Stubborn Seed is his first restaurant by himself, and in a positive sense, he’s just like an obsessed dad caring over his new child.

The eight-course tasting menu demonstrates how meticulously the chef has considered every aspect of the dining experience: small, expertly plated dishes that delight (a warm celery root purée with a crackling maitake mushroom explodes with flavor) and amuse (foam, like the green curry froth beneath Seed’s Maine lobster claws, really makes everything taste better).

Google Rating: 4.5/5.0

Address: 101 Washington Ave, Miami Beach, FL 33139, U.S.

Phone: +17864605962


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