Top Most Beautiful Waterfalls in Germany


1. Triberger Waterfall, 2. Todtnauer Waterfall, 3. Uracher Waterfall, 4. Gütersteiner Waterfall, 5. Scheidegger Waterfalls, 6. Röthbachfall, 7. Höllentalklamm, 8. Kuhflucht Waterfall. Germany is a country with many beautiful landscapes, especially waterfalls. It is an ideal destination for domestic and foreign tourists. Let's discover the most beautiful waterfalls in Germany!

  1. Triberger Waterfall
  2. Todtnauer Waterfall
  3. Uracher Waterfall
  4. Gütersteiner Waterfall
  5. Scheidegger Waterfalls
  6. Röthbachfall
  7. Höllentalklamm
  8. Kuhflucht Waterfall

Triberger Waterfall

The Triberg Waterfalls are waterfalls in the Black Forest, Baden-Württemberg, close to Triberg (Germany). It is one of Germany’s tallest waterfalls with a 163 m descent and a famous feature in the Black Forest. The Gutach river descends over seven significant steps from a gently undulating high plain into a stony V-shaped valley above Triberg, in the heart of the Black Forest.

At Triberg, the steep valley creates a basin that is just big enough for a small village. Two granite faults in the steep basin and the waterfalls were first created, and later, many Pleistocene glaciations by glaciers.

Every year, a sizable number of domestic and international tourists visit Triberg’s waterfalls, making it a well-liked tourist destination. Less impressive falls are found further up. In this region, there are lots of hotels and restaurants that are reasonably priced. Although closer to Triberger Waterfall and more scenic, Burgbach Waterfall is not the most well-known. The 32-meter-high Burgbach waterfall gracefully cascades down into dense woodland. You’ll have the impression of being in a storybook when strolling down the wooded lane. Here, a tiny and extremely old hydroelectric power station uses the water for its operations.

Location: Black Forest, Germany

top most beautiful waterfalls in germany

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Todtnauer Waterfall

One of the most beautiful waterfalls in Germany is the Todtnauer Waterfall, which is north of the quaint German community of Todtnau.

You will be in awe of the breathtaking view at the base of this waterfall. It’s simple to ascend via the waterfall. In addition, you can see Rheinfall in Schaffhausen, Switzerland, which is only accessible by day trip from Schwarzwald, Germany. Select the Menzenschwander Wasserfälle, which offers a brief but serene walk, as your destination.

The fact that it was accessible to wheelchairs and only took a quick, flat 15-minute walk to get to make it one of the simpler waterfalls to view. There were unique chairs that you could lie down on and gaze directly up at the top of the waterfall in addition to the ease of access. Even in poor weather, there was a protected vantage point where you could get images of the cascade. The best time to visit the Todtnauer Waterfall is after a period of rainfall (autumn) or early spring.

Location: Todtnau, Germany

top most beautiful waterfalls in germany


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Uracher Waterfall

The Uracher waterfall, one of the Swabian Jura’s top attractions, has a total drop of 37 meters, making it one of Germany’s highest waterfalls outside of the Alps. When the snow melts or after a lot of rain, when a lot of water rushes, it is especially magnificent. You nearly feel as though you are in another world due to the extremely humid, thus dense and lush, surrounding forest. For dining, there is a hut at the top of the waterfall.

The various vantage points from which one can view this natural marvel are what distinguish the Urach waterfall as being so special. From below, it’s amazing to see how the water cascades into the depths before winding its way over moss-covered rocks and into tiny streams in the valley below. You will gain various viewpoints of this natural marvel as you ascend the steep steps on the falls’ side. Finally, as you reach the summit of the Hochwiese, you can observe the waterfall from the bridge above as the water cascades down the Tuffstone ledge.

There is a snack house and rest area at the top; it’s a nice place to take a breather, unwind, and take in the scenery. Bring your own barbecue supplies if you’d like to use the nearby cooking stations.

Location: Bad Urach, Germany

top most beautiful waterfalls in germany


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Gütersteiner Waterfall

Gütersteiner Falls are situated in Maisental, a side valley of the Erms, two kilometers southwest of Bad Urach, around 1,500 meters northwest of Urach Falls. It dropped to the end of the valley, close to the site of the erstwhile Güterstein Charterhouse.

An artificial pool divides the waterfall in half. The so-called upper Gütersteiner waterfall enters this watershed through the tufa. The water that emerges from this basin flows once more through the hiking trail before descending into a limestone promontory covered in moss that was created from its own sediments and where it swept away a canal. About 1.8 kilometers later, the outflow water enters Brühlbach.

The Urach waterfall next door inspired the design of this waterfall. The needed drop height at the front was formed by a stream that carved out a bed of sintered limestone that was about 25 m broad and 125 m long from the lime brought in the water. The upper portion of the terrace, however, has been intentionally reduced here by limestone mining, unlike Uracher Fall. Below, a limestone cape is forming at the edge of the terrace.

The region around the waterfall has a lot of lush flora. Many plants, from fountain moss to the rare deer tongue fern, flourish

top most beautiful waterfalls in germany

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top most beautiful waterfalls in germany


Scheidegger Waterfalls

Three lovely waterfalls known as the Scheidegger waterfall can be found in the river Rickenbach north of Scheidegg in the German state of Bayern. Drive west over Road 308 from Scheidegg, then turn left to reach the waterfall. A little sign pointing left is present. Parking is free, however, access to the waterfalls costs €2 for adults.

When entering the park and from the parking lot, you can see the first waterfall. This waterfall, which is only 8 to 10 meters tall, is really picturesque. You can also stroll behind the waterfall. Beautiful waterfall vista with a pool in front of it. The largest waterfall is the second one, and it is also close to the entrance. You are standing on top of the waterfall when you are close to the kiosk, but if you turn right, there is a lovely vantage point on this second single-drop waterfall of Scheidegg.

The final two waterfalls, which plunge over 18 and 22 meters, make for a pleasant sight, especially after a lot of rain. Though low-volume waterfalls for the majority of the summer, the Scheidegger waterfall is nonetheless beautiful to witness. Beautiful surroundings make it desirable to visit at any time of year.

The best time to visit the Scheidegger waterfall is right after a rainy spell, which is most likely in the late winter, early spring, or falls.

Location: Bayern, Germany

top most beautiful waterfalls in germany 

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The Röthbachfall, which has a 470-meter vertical plunge, is the tallest waterfall in Germany (1540 ft). On the Obersee lake in the Berchtesgaden region, there is a waterfall. This distant position has given rise to the false assertion that the more accessible Triberg Waterfall, which has a drop of only 163 meters, is the highest waterfall in Germany.

It takes a boat ride down the fjord-like Konigssee and a short stroll past the enchanted waters of Obersee in the towering mountains of Berchtesgaden National Park in Bavaria to reach Germany’s highest waterfall, the the Röthbachfall. The Berchtesgaden Alps’ high terrain is not visited on this trip, but it does pass through some breathtaking scenery in the range’s deep, glacier-carved valleys. For park visitors seeking an alternative to the typical Konigssee boat ride that is pleasant and leisurely, this hike is fantastic.

The Steinerne Meers provides water for the Röthbachfall; the amount of water depends on precipitation and snowfall. Water is abundant there, especially in the spring, and scarce in the fall. The water seeps into the Fischunkel’s marshy pastures, where it nourishes the Obersee beneath. A little pool only forms at the base of the waterfall, melting snow.

Location : Schönau a. Königssee, Berchtesgadener Land, Upper Bavaria, Bavaria, Germany top most beautiful waterfalls in germany


top most beautiful waterfalls in germany



Höllentalklamm is a spectacular gorge with breathtaking canyons, a wonderful stream, breathtaking waterfalls, and enormous boulders. It is possible to enjoy this magnificent natural beauty by following a clearly marked hiking trail. The Hammersbach river, which is deeply carved into the high mountains, roars and scours over boulders before plunging into pools of milky froth. This is one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Germany.

Through electrically lit tunnels filled with a dull roar, there are challenging passages. Every breath is pure and clean, especially in the height of summer. The one-kilometer long, rocky gorge has a completely distinct beauty from other gorges and ravines. It is also very accessible.

The trail extends for around 700 meters and begins at the Höllentaleingangshütte. You can learn more about the canyon’s past by going to the museum. The canyon’s top end is when the landscape gradually opens up once more. The trail leads to the Höllentalangerhütte, which is situated on a thinly vegetated valley floor with rock gravel on the other side of the gorge.

Location: Bavaria (Bayern), Germany

top most beautiful waterfalls in germany


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Kuhflucht Waterfall

One of Germany’s tallest waterfalls, the Kuhflucht Waterfalls is a group of waterfalls close to Farchant that are collectively estimated to be 270 meters high. In the German state of Bavaria (Bayern), the Kuhflucht Waterfalls are located close to Farchant. The Farchant government might be in charge of running it. According to reports, the Kuhflucht waterfall is among the tallest waterfalls in Germany. In reality, it is a collection of waterfalls in the Kuhfluchtgraben river, close to Farchant. The Kuhflucht Waterfalls descend 270 meters over numerous large drops.

The best season to see the Kuhflucht waterfall is in the spring or, following a rainy season, in the fall. Perhaps at midday when the gorge receives more light.

There aren’t many waterfalls close by, but if you’re willing to drive a short distance into Austria (20 minutes from Garmisch Partenkirchen), you may find the lovely and cozy Häselgehr waterfall. Visitable, easily accessible, and the ideal playground for kids. This is one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Germany.

top most beautiful waterfalls in germany top most beautiful waterfalls in germany

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