Top Prettiest Streets in the UK

England is a famous country in the world that attracts a thousand tourists every year. Tourism here is not simply visiting famous landmarks, ancient castles, and the Royal Family. One point that you cannot miss when coming here is to visit the roads. sometimes you will not pay much attention to the road that you have passed, but it is still present and creates its own beauty that makes it unique. And now, following Toplist to explore some of the most stunning streets in the United Kingdom.

  1. The Shambles, York, England
  2. Mermaid Street, Rye, East Sussex, England
  3. Grey Street, New Castle, England
  4. The Royal Crescent, Bath, England
  5. Gold Hill, Dorset, England
  6. Victoria Street, Edinburgh, Scotland
  7. Royal Mile, Edinburgh, Scotland

The Shambles, York, England

The Shambles is the most famous medieval street in the United Kingdom and certainly one of the best-preserved in Europe. It’s a small street in York city.

It takes its name from the word “Shamel”, meaning the stalls or benches displayed on the meat. In the old days, The Shambles was considered a butcher street, butcher shops were located along the busy street, but now there are no shops. Currently, you can only see many stores such as bookshops, gift shops, coffee shops, sweet shops, etc. Many visitors come to this road to admire the medieval buildings with timber-framed buildings of all sizes lying side by side, some dating back to the 14th century. Moreover, one building of note in The Shambles is the shrine of Margaret Clitherow, an English saint and martyr of the Roman Catholic Church, known as “the Pearl of York”. She was married to a wealthy butcher with premises on The Shambles.

In 2010, The Shambles – the medieval street, after beating many other beautiful and splendid neighborhoods, won the title of “the most beautiful street in the United Kingdom”.

top prettiest streets in the uk

The Shambles

top prettiest streets in the uk

Coffee shop at The Shambles

Mermaid Street, Rye, East Sussex, England

As one of the prettiest towns in England, Rye is a very popular ancient town to visit in East Sussex. Rye is full of pretty pictures, with its small and peaceful place.

The trip to Rye would be incomplete without a walk down Mermaid Street, one of the most beautiful streets full of history. The road is paved with cobblestones and slightly steep, the houses on the street are painted white, with black wooden doors and mossy tiled roofs. These houses are still almost intact as they were when renovated in the 14th century. On Mermaid Street, the most prominent house is the Mermaid Inn, built in the 1400s and the largest medieval building in Rye. In front of the inn, there is a bronze sign of a mermaid and a bunch of red vines around the window.

top prettiest streets in the uk

Mermaid Street

top prettiest streets in the uk

The Mermaid Inn

Grey Street, New Castle, England

When traveling to New Castle, you won’t miss the chance to visit Grey Street, the most stunning street there.

Grey Street was constructed by Richard Grainger and designed by John Dobson and completed in 1837. It was described by Prime Minister Gladstone as the finest modern street in the United Kingdom. Grey Street is one of the main streets leading from the Grey Monument towards the River Tyne. The Theatre Royal is also on this street. One of the most attractive prominent is the amazing architecture, in perhaps the beautiful colors of the stonework. In addition, you can also find all the bustling bars and restaurants and all the shopping areas on the road.

Strolling along Grey Street, you will encounter many locals and tourists who come here to have fun and relax by the hospitality, friendly and polite.

top prettiest streets in the uk

A corner at Grey Street

top prettiest streets in the uk

Grey Monument

The Royal Crescent, Bath, England

One of the most visited and photographed places in the United Kingdom, Royal Crescent – an extremely unique road in the shape of a crescent in the city of Bath, England.

This road is located next to the Bath Abbey square and the Bath Church has a history dating back to 1617 with a large campus. Royal Crescent was designed by John Wood the Younger and built between 1767 and 1774, it is one of the finest examples of Georgian architecture in the United Kingdom. In the past, Royal Crescent was the living area of the British aristocracy and upper class with a structure consisting of a row of 30 terraced houses, built adjacent to each other, with the highlight of 114 Ionic columns on the first floor and an entablature in a Palladian style above. Currently, the Royal Crescent includes a hotel, museum and becomes an apartment or office.

In addition, the buildings here are also used as a beautiful location for filming. In 2014, the hotel in the Royal Crescent was a location for BBC1 with the series Our Girl. One of the most famous series Bridgerton was also filmed in Royal Crescent in 2019.

top prettiest streets in the uk

The Royal Crescent

top prettiest streets in the uk

The Royal Crescent at sunset

Gold Hill, Dorset, England

Shaftsbury is Dorset’s only hilltop town, with a long history and beautiful views that are particularly popular with tourists. The most famous cobbled street here is Gold Hill – a steep, which is the most photographed street in Dorset.

The view that looking down from the top of Gold Hill has been described as one of the most romantic sights in England. At the top of the street, there is the 14th-century St Peter’s Church, one of the old buildings remaining in Shaftesbury from before the 18th century. The street runs beside the walls of the ancient Shaftesbury Abbey built by King Alfred the Great. There is much to see and do at Gold Hill. Walking around Gold Hill, you can have a chance to enjoy the beauty of thatched and stone houses in the town, peaceful country lanes, and two special viewpoints where you will enjoy the views stretching northwest to Glastonbury Tor and south to Melbury Hill and beyond.

In addition, Gold Hill is also used as a setting for film and television. The stunning street is the main setting for the 1973 “Boy on Bike” television advertisement for Hovis Bread, which has been become the favorite advertisement of all time. That’s why you can see the Hovis Bread monument on the street to remember the famous advertisement.

top prettiest streets in the uk

A famous cobbled Street – Gold Hill

Television advertisement – “Boy on Bike”

Victoria Street, Edinburgh, Scotland

If you are a fan of the Harry Potter movies, you will not miss Victoria Street – one of the hearts of Old Town, Edinburgh.

The buildings along the street with a mixture of different colors create the charming beauty and antiquity of the stones stacked on the walls, some of the buildings along the way date to the 17th century. It’s no surprise that Victoria Street was the inspiration for J.K. Rowling’s magical famous Diagon Alley street in the Harry Potter novels. Diagon Alley is located at 40 Victoria Street and is a major attractive place that brings thousands of Harry Potter fans to visit every year. Victoria Street was built by architect Thomas Hamilton between 1829 and 1934, this is considered a masterpiece and is one of the most beautiful streets in Edinburgh. The street starts off the Grassmarket at West Bow and snakes up the hillside.

There are plenty of cafes, restaurants, bars, and pubs for you to have chances for taking a rest along the street. You can also visit the Aha Ha Ha amusement park, a lively play area located on Victoria Street, which is also a favorite spot in Edinburgh. Drop by the Old Town Bookshop, indulge in the aromas of artisan cheese shops, or the fashion heaven boutiques. From this road, you can also visit Edinburgh Castle, a symbol of Edinburgh and Scotland.

top prettiest streets in the uk

Victoria Street, Edinburgh

top prettiest streets in the uk

Edinburgh Castle

Royal Mile, Edinburgh, Scotland

A trip will not be complete without walking up the Royal Mile – the busiest tourist street of Edinburgh’s Old Town. It connects the two famous sites of Edinburgh Castle to the west and the castle of Holyroodhouse to the east.

The Royal Mile is divided into six areas and each is very different from the other. Part of the Royal Mile, the High Street is also popular and is frequented by tourists and locals alike for its vibrant and local pubs and restaurants. Lawnmarket is the best place where tourists can find infinite souvenir shops around the Old Town. In addition, there are plenty of historic buildings to visit when traveling along the Royal Mile, such as Gladstone’s Land, The Writer’s Museum, Mary King’s Close, the Tron Kirk, and the Museum of Edinburgh. Visit some places like Riddles Court, Tweedale Court, or Bakehouse Close you will step back in time to the old city to get a real taste of the past thought.

top prettiest streets in the uk

The Royal Mile, Edinburgh

top prettiest streets in the uk

Souvenir Shops at Lawnmarket


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